Solaris USB driver for Palm HotSync cradle



I have this Sun Blade 100 at work and my project manager gave me an m505 to use because he had bought it for himself and never used it. I got real good at putting all of this useful stuff in my m505. So much stuff that I started getting really nervous about not having any of this information backed up. So nervous I started looking around for a driver.

There plain wasn't one. Plenty of stuff to work with the serial version of the hotsync cradle. But no solaris usb driver. Fortunately this adventurous gentleman, Philip Brown had gotten into writing usb drivers for a few of his favorite usb devices. And the linux kernel already had a driver for the hotsync cradle. So away I went. After much frustration and many kernel panics I am pleased to provide the Solaris USB driver for the Palm HotSync Cradle. A driver for the rest of us.

It is meager at this point, doesn't exploit the generic port of the cradle, isn't known to work with anything else but the m505 as far as I know. But it is a start and I plan on expanding it over the next couple of weeks to do some of this stuff. I know the driver works with pilot-link (0.11.x or greater) and jpilot (because it uses pilot-link). Feel free to use at your own risk.