Rochester, NY


I decided to give this a try and see how well a trip log works on my iPAQ. Up at 4am. Didn't sleep to well, never do before a trip. Sunday with the kids at the beach was a real joy. Sean is the best. He loves the water, both the pool and the ocean. He wore himself out and was a little cranky but most of the time he was his good-natured self. We ate at Pastabilities as a late birthday dinner for Jo. Sean loves his pasta. The ice cream afterwards was well received. Even With a 4:30 departure from home didn't get to gate until 5:50 am traffic and casual attitude about schedules of C lot bus drivers all contribute. Monday morning at LAX is a real zoo. Plane is only half full. Aisle with an empty seat next to me, as I've said before this is as good as it gets in coach. Movie is 'The Dish' very good film and one I hadn't seen. Window was occupied by a TSgt named Vinne from New York go figure. He is stationed at Edwards, got his email may be able to swing a behind the scene tour of Edwards. That would be very neat. In to DC on time. Flight to Rochester is from gate A10 something new since the last time I visited Dulles another terminal. A surprisingly quick bus ride and I'm staring out at a Jetstream Super 31 two engine prop plane. Not as small as the one we took from Boston to Maine but close. Good view from 12000 feet. Met up with Nevin (the guy who's setting up this trip and knows where we're going) at Gate A10. Turns out he took the redeye and gave classified presentation this morning, needless to say he's interested in early dinner and bed. Checked into hotel and off to dinner at the dinosaur barbeque. Old Lehigh Valley Railroad Station. Very casual and good. Rochester has some very interesting buildings. One Art deco job looks like it's straight out of ghost busters. Watched the homerun contest on ESPN and then to bed.


Slept reasonably well overpriced breakfast buffet then a four-car caravan to Kodak. Meetings and lunch. l left Kodak around 1:30 PM on a road less traveled heading towards Elmira NY. The River Road provides a leisurely one- hour drive through upstate NY. Rejoin the interstate and start seeing signs for the Corning glass museum. Decide to stop since I'm ahead of schedule. Berni would love this place, it is full of great art and demonstrations and Colin Mahoney's book. Took me two hours to give the place a quick once over, could spend much more time here. Off to Elmira Holiday Inn. A drive through Elmira shows a nice little city dieing in the rust belt. Dinner is at Hoss's family steak house. Food was passable. I know better than to eat at places that have 'family' in their name. When I got back to HI had about 2 hours until All-star game. Put on my sweats and gave there workout room a try. Again just passable but did work up a sweat. Switched between 3 HBO channels and the game. Sampled several movies I'm glad I didn't pay good money to see. It's amazing how little value you get from HBO some times. Ripkins homerun was neat even if a Dodger gave it up. Tried to call home got the answering machine, cut me off after a minute, will have to check settings when I get home.


Breakfast at the HI was better and cheaper than the Hyatt. The price range in my lodgings is very dramatic from a low of $55 in Elmira to $129 in Princeton glad the Lab's covering the bill. On the road by 6:50 AM. A little apprehensive because I have a 2 PM appointment and I'm unsure of how long my trip from Elmira to Princeton will take. Lots of road repair in the east in the summer and have been advised to keep close to speed limit, lots of radar speed traps. On this trip I have seen at least 5 radar equipped police cars looks like the local municipalities are supplementing their taxes. Drive is uneventful and nice. Upstate NY, Pennsylvania and Central NJ look a lot like Maine, lots of trees. Very green and lush. Rained last night along most of this route. Stopped at a rest stop in Pennsylvania and found a good map. Been working with the rental car map, which has no detail. With this map it's back to the country roads since I'm making good time. Stopped at a roadside fruit stand to get some Bing cherries and Georgia peaches. One of the tough things to do is get good fruit while eating on the road. Get to Princeton by noon did the whole trip on one tank of gas 400 miles. This Taurus is a nice car lots of room and 27 MPG. Had lunch at TGIF. They have started making the commercial Catsup bottles out of shiny red plastic so they always look full. Took a tour of the downtown Princeton, boy has it changed. More traffic, University has built many new buildings and roads and you can't drive through it anymore. Meeting at Sensors Unlimited went well. The guy I met had little league stuff on his wall so we had a lot in common. Had a tough time finding the Residence Inn. Turns out the address number changes half way down route 1 haven't seen anything like this since London. Nice place lab travel may have screwed up. They will probably take it out of my perdiem. They offer both complementary dinner and breakfast. Dinner was burgers and only OK. We'll see about breakfast.


Slept OK haven't figured out the secret to a good nights sleep on the road, maybe there is none. Breakfast was surprisingly good. Fruit eggs, the one sausage and OJ would have given Lesa pause but overall pretty good. Drive to airport was uneventful and arrived early in search of a better seat. Blonde with big hair and southern accent on Hertz bus, she's not headed to LA. The south will live forever. Travel luck has run out, no better seat than 17B. Seems United has changed to a smaller plane. Looks like a full flight. Well you can put up with almost anything for 5 hours; we will see how philosophical I am at the end of this day. When you travel by yourself you have some time for introspection and the idea of entitlement was on my mind. I'm not entitled to a good seat on the airplane I would like one but if it doesn't happen I have to learn to release the negative thoughts and make the best of it. Like I said we'll see how I do. Well the Lady with the window seat didn't want to force me to get up so she gave me the window. The plane is full. Susan the lady who gave me the window was visiting her first grandchild so we had lot to talk about. She is the mother of 3 but one of her sons died in an auto accident, Annapolis grad going to be a submariner. Stories like that always give me pause, hell I have trouble thinking about my own mortality let alone my kids. There is a cute little boy Sean's age his hair is more strawberry blonde and he's not quite as husky but they look like they could be brothers. He's headed to Reno I talked to his Grandfather while waiting to board. The movie is 'Sweet November' not as bad as the critics said but I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see it. Got to know Michael the little boy and his dad while standing in the back of plane. He has a 12-year-old sister. Almost like 2 families. Dad works for a truck company. Dad was also a rail fan. Flight attendants are friendly. Interesting USA Today article about the Astronaut corp. Nice day to fly, view Grand Canyon very spectacular. Plane is on time into LAX. 405 is still slow at 3 PM. Got home around 4 PM. Good trip should have brought my camera.