My Travel Journal of Our Trip to Europe

Jo and I decided to take one long trip to Europe before we had kids. Our trip was to take us to Scandinavia, Holland and France with a short stopover in New York city to see Joanna's sister Molly. During that trip I kept an extensive journal of our trip in a travel diary my sister had given me for my birthday just a few days prior.

The trip was fantastic and took us to wonderful places. We met family we had never met before and got to see the Europeans living in their countries. There is a reason why they live there now. It is different and special, so different then the US in so many ways. Yet some things have made it across the ocean to us and it is interesting to see those things in europe as well.

This web version of the archive is the complete transcription of that journal. It took me freakin' forever to finish it so note to self to just do it electronically the first time. But that is besides the point. Feel free to let me know what you think. I am especially interested in typos, grammar errors and things you plain don't understand. Although I would accept any info on whether you enjoyed it or not.