Man of Venice

Once upon a schnitzel there were four men: Sean, Andy, Luke and Yoda. They were good friends. They played light sabers. Yoda was the best light saber player ever. Then another friend came by, Obi-Wan Kenobi. He said “Darth Sidious, Emperor III was striking back.” Yoda says “I will fight with real light sabers against Darth Sidious.” Luke says “I will have a light saber and a gun.” Andy says “I will be the sneaker.” Sean says “I will be the X-wing pilot.” Darth Sidious, Emperor III has a helper. His name is Darth Vader! Darth Vader has a fight with Luke. Luke wins. When Darth Vader is destroyed he has people coming out of him. Sean picks Luke and Yoda up in his X-wing fighter. Andy sneaks a potion. The potion could change Darth Sidious, Emperor III and Darth Vader  into tiny people. They both drink a cup of water. Andy sneaks the potion into the cups before they even fill it with water. They cannot see the potion even by using an electron microscope. They tell Obi-Wan Kenobi that they have finished their job. The galaxy is safe! We all took a flight in Sean's X-wing fighter to Tatooine.